Weekly Weigh In #19


I was .4 pounds up today, to 276.2.  That brings my total loss back down to 26.8.  And that 10% loss goal line is still hanging out on my weight graph like a big middle finger.  I’m feeling slightly grumpy about it, but only slightly.      I’m a little more grumpy about the fact […]

NaNoWriMo Catch Up Day


Well, guys, I can certainly find a lot of things to keep me busy while I’m supposed to be writing.  Today was my day to myself.  I was home alone from 7:30 AM until now, and I probably have about another hour before my family gets home.  I’ve been planning since the weekend to use today to […]

On Track


I’m feeling good today!  I stuck to my 39 Weight Watchers Points Plus, and got in lots of fruits and veggies plus 20 minutes of rowing.  This is what I should be doing every day. I had a small handful of blueberries for breakfast part one, 0 Points Plus.   Yams mashed with butter and salt […]

The Sandwich Intruded on my Good Intentions


I was planning to stick to my Weight Watchers Points Plus exactly today, but that didn’t happen.  The extras were covered by weekly points, though.  I’m satisfied with that.  I had a huge not-at-all breakfasty breakfast today: a turkey sandwich with veggies & light mayo…with a diet soda and chips. It sounded good, was good, […]

The Midnight Snack Strikes Again


My eating is so out of hand on Saturdays.  I did it again yesterday, using most of my weekly points in one day.  It’s ok, though.  I know the consequences.  I’ll have to stick mostly to my 39 Weight Watchers Points Plus per day allowance this week with just a couple of weekly/activity points to […]



You know, the thing about a full body workout is that it makes your whole body really sore!  My body is aching from rowing, but I guess that’s what we’re going for.  I think I’ll get used to this after a week or two, then I won’t feel like a hundred tiny hammers are banging on […]

Weekly Weigh In #18


  Oh yeah, we’re back in the game, baby.  I weighed in at 275.8 pounds this week, down 1.8 pounds from last week and 27.2 pounds overall.  I’m inching closer to the 10% body weight lost milestone.  I need 3.1 more pounds for that. I could possibly pull that off in two weeks but it […]

Writing and Rowing


Quick Business:  I have to apologize to my blog subscribers.  I accidentally published this post twice while it was partially done today.  Sorry for too many emails!  But on to the big news. It’s here!  This beautiful baby arrived a day early.  My husband built it for me last night and it has been devastating every muscle […]



I planned on today being rather inappropriate foodwise, and it didn’t disappoint.  Things have been really busy lately and I just wanted a snacky tv day, kind of a mini-vacation. I got started a little earlier than I had planned, though, when I had a midnight snack last night of 18 Points Plus worth of […]

Caught Without Candy


Apples and peanut butter for breakfast today, 11 Weight Watchers Points Plus.  Tall chai creme frappuccino with whipped cream and mashed yams for lunch, 14 Points Plus.  I snuck two Doritos somewhere along the way, 1 Point Plus. Heat and eat veggie lasagna for dinner, 13 Points Plus. I don’t celebrate Halloween but I don’t […]