Weekly Weigh In #19


I was .4 pounds up today, to 276.2.  That brings my total loss back down to 26.8.  And that 10% loss goal line is still hanging out on my weight graph like a big middle finger.  I’m feeling slightly grumpy about it, but only slightly.      I’m a little more grumpy about the fact […]

Weekly Weigh in #14

   I was nervous about weigh in this week because I’ve felt kind of bloated and blah for the last few days. I know that seeing water weight on the scale sometimes is normal but I just was not in the mood to roll with a gain this week, even if it was just water. […]

90 Days in, 20 Pounds Lost, 150 Pounds to Go (Weekly Weigh in #13)

It feels so good to step on the scale on weigh in day fully expecting good results.  I’ve been seeing a number in the last couple of days that I would have been happy with, but something happened to my body overnight and I got a big surprise at weigh in.  I got the same […]

Weekly Weigh In #11

Well, it’s good news and bad new this week. The bad news is I had a .6 pound gain. That actually took me by surprise because I saw a much smaller number just yesterday, so I’m pretty sure body cycles are involved. The good news is that I lost an inch off of my waist […]