Long Strolls and Vegetables

First day of the long weekend! Woohoo!  It was a really wonderful, laid back day. My favorite kind! Today’s food story begins like a Points Plus tragedy, but has a happy ending.  You see, I had four pieces of cheesebread left in the fridge, and my favorite way to eat cheesebread is by using it […]

Planning Ahead for Success

Daily Points Plus allotment: 42 Points used today: 45 Weekly Points used: 3 Activity points earned: 11 I was up before the crack of dawn this morning having Breakfast: chocolate dipped coconut Luna bar: 5 Points Plus     I had plans to meet a friend at Starbucks tonight, so I scheduled my usual drink in […]

The Day of Wrong-Yet-Right

Daily Weight Watchers Points Plus allotment: 42 Points Plus used today: 43 Weekly points used: 1 Activity points earned: 2 I must say I enjoyed the day’s cuisine quite thoroughly. You know how Weight Watchers says that on their plan you can eat anything you want as long as you have the points for it? […]