Weekly Weigh in #15: The Verdict is In

The week of nonsense is over, and I’m feeling like I got away with something. Today I weighed in at 279.4, .4 pounds down from last week. It’s not much, it’s smaller than it would have been had I been behaving myself, and it’s even so small that it could be explained away by body […]

Weekly Weigh in #14

   I was nervous about weigh in this week because I’ve felt kind of bloated and blah for the last few days. I know that seeing water weight on the scale sometimes is normal but I just was not in the mood to roll with a gain this week, even if it was just water. […]

Weekly Weigh In #12

I will confess that I was nervous about having my weigh in the morning after a huge dinner, and cookies, and a day of almost no exercise.  I even thought about not weighing myself until tomorrow. But I stepped on the scale just to see what I was avoiding, and was surprised to see good […]

It fit!

I was extra hungry at breakfast. Two mini pitas with tons of hummus, 12 Points Plus.    I’ve had some Honest teas in the house staring me down since before I started Weight Watchers.  I’ve been avoiding them because they’re sweetened with sugar but today I found out that a raspberry one is only 3 […]

On Not Becoming an Angel Overnight

Someone might look at this “diet” blog and think “Is this chick serious? What’s she doing with all that aspartame, pizza, chocolate, and chips? Doesn’t she know that stuff’s unhealthy? Guffaw.”  That’s true, of course. But do you know what else is unhealthy? Weighing in the neighborhood of 300 pounds.  It seems to me that […]

On Not Having Goals

Is it strange to embark on a big weight loss endeavor without being motivated much by the end goal? I know that the highest weight that would put me in the “ideal weight” category is 130 pounds.  But I’m not really longing for that. I know I’ll be happy to see milestones like my pre-baby […]