My Sick Habit

I was up late last night and got really hungry because of my weird meal timings yesterday, so I had a midnight snack of two mini pitas with extra hummus, 10 Weight Watchers Points Plus.   I had a zero point breakfast to make up for that. I had a banana, but I was still hungry […]

Women, Stop Hating Yourselves!

Ladies, I’m not going to tell you you’re (physically) beautiful.  It’ll be true in some cases, and heartbreaking bull in others.  I’m going to tell you something that I hope will be more useful: whether you are beautiful or not isn’t very important, and is certainly not the cornerstone on which your sense of self […]

Fat Girl Adventures: Planet of the Muscle Dudes

I finally got out for a walk today, 50 minutes in the afternoon even though it was raining. Along the way I stopped at a gym to see whether they have rowing machines. I stood outside the door and hesitated because I could see that the place was full of intimidating muscle dudes but I […]