Diet Fail

Ok, so I started the day with zero Weight Watchers weekly points remaining and two more days until weigh in.  I was determined to get through two days of hitting my daily point allotment right on target. I had cravings. I resisted. I planned and revised those plans. I had dinner early because I was […]

In a Frenzy

My body has been rebelling against this weight loss with a vengeance this week. I have been feeling this frenzied need to eat.  Today I ate a big, delicious lunch and immediately afterward while I was cleaning up I felt this overwhelming urge to just start eating everything in sight. It’s like some kind of […]

The Day I Used TWICE My Points Plus

I had such a huge appetite today.  But I also had a ton of weekly points left over and it’s Friday so I didn’t put up much resistance. My husband picked up bagels from the deli for breakfast  and they sounded really good, but I’ve pretty much decided that turkey BLTs are going to be […]