I’ll have to exercise in a non-video game format? Gulp.

I was craving protein in the morning, so for breakfast I had some leftover chicken cutlet with 4 Tbsp. hummus on top, for 8 Points Plus. Then I got on the Wii to get some exercise in for the day, when I got a very bad error message. A bit of googling reveals that this […]

Public Service Announcement: Midnight Snacks Count for the Next Day. Do With This Information What You Will.

I had a midnight snack last night that I didn’t photograph: peaches canned in juice, drained, and pineapple canned in juice, with the juice for 2 Points Plus. But when I went to enter it into the Weight Watchers app, the whole day was blank. I was confused for a moment, but then I realized […]

Lazy Saturday 

The day started with some exercise; the rest was spent in total laziness.   I got 2 hours in on the Wii Fit Plus, for 12 activity points and 825 calories burned.  I refreshed with a Vitaminwater zero for zero Points Plus.   For lunch I used 20 Points Plus for pizza and ranch dip.   And […]