The day I Actually Ate “Breakfast Food” For Breakfast

Pineapple in juice, plain full fat Greek yogurt, and a granola bar. 11 Points Plus.   No Wii Fit this morning because I knew I’d be going out walking later in the day, but I did earn one activity point for my 30 day thigh, butt, and arm challenges.  Lunch was cottage cheese on garlic bread […]

Back on Track 

Well, it’s been a crazy few days dietwise, but I’m back on track today.  I’m a little annoyed that I “wasted” so many activity points by eating them but it must have been what I needed at the time. Still, I didn’t go off plan so hopefully I at least won’t have a gain at […]

Crushing It

Daily Points Plus allotment: 42 Points Plus used today: 48 Weekly points used today: 6 Activity Points earned today: 8 Breakfast: Luna bar 5 Points Plus   On to the workout. I decided that I was going to finish my 3500 calories burned on the Wii Fit Plus and if that delayed the housework a bit, so […]