Reasons to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a struggle, and when you have as much to lose as I do, it’s a long one. Inspired by some of my favorite weight loss bloggers, I’ve decided to write a list of reasons to stick with it when the going gets tough and a big heap sounds better than a small scoop.  I plan to update this list as new thoughts occur to me.

  1. To fit into seating easily and without worry, including at the theater, on airplanes, on amusement park rides, at restaurants, and anywhere where there is a closely spaced row of seat, such as in waiting rooms and school event audiences.
  2. To have less pain My back pain is pretty much gone, and my knees bother me only on stairs and sometimes when running. These are huge improvements after just a small weight loss! I hope that if I lose a lot more weight the knee pain will stop altogether. If not, and it gets worse, I would have the option of knee surgery, which is not an option at my current weight.
  3. To move more freely After losing just 10% of my weight-to-lose, I find even long walks around the neighborhood effortless. Even full days of walking around a zoo or amusement park are not challenging. I hope to one day feel the same about stairs, jogging, and doing physically demanding work.
  4. To feel stronger Climbing up, jumping down, lifting while twisting, and repetitive bending are to some degree impossible, laughable, difficult, or painful. I think that wouldn’t be the case if I were smaller.
  5. To have more clothing options Getting down to “regular” plus size would increase my options a lot. Getting down to size large would make shopping a nonstop parade of choices.
  6. To participate in new activities There are activities that look fun but that I would not be able to do at my current weight, whether due to weight restrictions, flexibility, or just size. These are things like ziplining, horseback riding, running (hurts my joints at this size), and others to be added when I remember them.
  7. To delay or reduce future health concerns I realize how fortunate I am to have avoided developing serious health problems due to my weight.  If I lose weight now, I may be able to avoid or delay the development of certain problems, increase the likelihood of being diagnosed at an early stage if they do develop, and tolerate treatment more easily if it becomes necessary.
  8. To have done it A major weight loss is a big accomplishment. I would put it up there with earning a degree, getting married, or landing a dream job.
  9. Less side eye I mean on one hand, screw them, but on the other, it grows tiresome.
  10. The best revenge is a life well lived. Enough said.