My Top 10 Weight Watchers Foods

These are the ten foods I have found most useful on Weight Watchers so far, in order of Points Plus value. I like these foods for different reasons. Some are filling for small point values. Some allow me to enjoy the flavors I love in a way that “costs” less points than usual. Some satisfy sweet cravings, and some savory. Maybe you’ll enjoy some of these too.

You’ll notice that these are mostly convenience foods, and are pre-portioned. This adds a level of convenience for me and makes them even more useful as they are mostly grab-and-go, and allow me to stay on track without much planning or prep time.

Dole peaches and pears canned in juice, drained.  Zero Points Plus

Air popped popcorn, 3 cups for 2 Points Plus plain or with salt.  I usually add a few points to have it with butter or olive oil.

Starbucks skinny iced caramel latte (grande or tall), 2 Points Plus

Damascus Bakeries whole wheat mini pitas, 2 Points Plus for one, 3 Points Plus for two (Weight Watchers math)
Typically enjoyed with Sabra roasted pine nut hummus, 2 Points Plus for 2 Tbsp., 3 Points Plus for 4 Tbsp.

Chobani fat free Greek yogurt, Cherry on the bottom: 3 Points Plus

Chocolate peanut butter Luna protein bar, 5 Points Plus

rown Cow maple cream top yogurt, 5 Points Plus

ind maple glazed pecan & sea salt bar, 6 Points Plus

Subway double chicken salad, 5 Points Plus.  I add 3 Points Plus to have mine with Subway vinegarette.

Taco Bell smothered burrito, shredded chicken, no sour cream 16 Points Plus