Changing Weigh In Day

I have seen a ton of people recommending/explaining why they like Fridays as their Weight Watchers online weigh in day, and it makes a lot of sense so I decided to take the plunge and switch my weigh in day to Friday as well. For me, I feel like it will kill two birds with […]

Weekly Weigh In #9

I can’t believe this. I double checked it because after this crazy week I didn’t believe it could be true. Only it was! Somehow, by some miracle, I lost 1.8 Pounds last week!   This brings my weight to 289.0, and my total loss to date to 14 pounds. I really, really want to lose at […]

Weekly Weigh In #8

Good news!      I lost 2.8 pounds last week.  This brings my total loss so far to 12.2 pounds.  Yay!   I think this is a good time to point out that some inappropriate dietary things happened last week.    Weight Watchers works without requiring perfection.  And that is the main reason that I’m able […]