Getting Ahead of Myself 

When I started Weight Watchers my daily Points Plus allowance was 43.  That number has decreased as I’ve lost weight.  Now my daily allowance is 39.  The decrease is gradual, at a rate of one point every few weeks.  The decrease to 39 has seemed harder than the others, but I think it’s mostly psychological. […]

Warning: Pizza Inside 

Portion size is such a mind game. I guess we’re supposed to call these non-scale victories.  I wanted to have this for breakfast.  I was so close to doing it that I snapped a photo for the blog and everything.  I wanted to, but it would have been 16 Weight Watchers Points Plus and I wanted […]

In a Frenzy

My body has been rebelling against this weight loss with a vengeance this week. I have been feeling this frenzied need to eat.  Today I ate a big, delicious lunch and immediately afterward while I was cleaning up I felt this overwhelming urge to just start eating everything in sight. It’s like some kind of […]

I Ate Like a Fat Person Today

So I woke up with a massive vegetable craving today. It’s true that my diet has been a little lacking in vegetables lately, but this one took me by surprise!  Breakfast was a giant bowl of arugula and a kind bar, 6 Weight Watchers Points Plus.   I made nachos with my daughter for lunch. I […]

Women, Stop Hating Yourselves!

Ladies, I’m not going to tell you you’re (physically) beautiful.  It’ll be true in some cases, and heartbreaking bull in others.  I’m going to tell you something that I hope will be more useful: whether you are beautiful or not isn’t very important, and is certainly not the cornerstone on which your sense of self […]

Why I Decided Against Weight Loss Surgery

About a year ago my sister, younger by five years, the one who had always been the pretty, skinny one, told me that she was beginning the preparations to have a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. It was true that she had gained weight over the years, but she was smaller than me, and it […]

Changing Weigh In Day

I have seen a ton of people recommending/explaining why they like Fridays as their Weight Watchers online weigh in day, and it makes a lot of sense so I decided to take the plunge and switch my weigh in day to Friday as well. For me, I feel like it will kill two birds with […]

Weight Loss Milestones I’m Looking Forward To (a.k.a. I Made a Pretty Table)

I’ve written before about how I’m not a very goal-oriented dieter. I don’t work out with visions of a certain number dancing in my head, and I don’t resist an ice cream sandwich because a certain number is taking longer to reach than I had hoped. I am simply interested in seeing progress. That said, […]

On Not Becoming an Angel Overnight

Someone might look at this “diet” blog and think “Is this chick serious? What’s she doing with all that aspartame, pizza, chocolate, and chips? Doesn’t she know that stuff’s unhealthy? Guffaw.”  That’s true, of course. But do you know what else is unhealthy? Weighing in the neighborhood of 300 pounds.  It seems to me that […]