Caramel, Maple, Meat

Ok, I’m not sure what is happening this week, but I keep getting startled every time I catch a side view of myself in the mirror. There has been a really sudden belly reduction! It’s in the region between the waist and hips, so not a place I measure, but who needs a measuring tape […]

The Day I Broke Up With an Old Comfort Food / C25k Day 4

Today’s breakfast was a turkey B.L.T. from the deli, 12 Points Plus.   With a side of important info: Lunch was a can of Annie’s cheesy ravioli with one cookie. O-n-e, one, 11 Points Plus. Just kidding, I had a second one. 2 Points Plus   I’ve been worrying about how I’m going to fit C25k in […]

C25k Week One, Day 3

Hi, guys! A quick Luna bar breakfast, 5 Points Plus, then it was time for some exercise. C25k day 3 went incredibly well. The chimes indicating that I should switch from jogging back to running seemed to come very quickly. I think I’ll actually be ready to start week 2 on Tuesday. I felt so […]