The Best Funnel Cake on Earth was 44 Points Plus

I will say two things about eating a funnel cake while on Weight Watchers: 1. If you think you get enough exercise walking around an amusement park all day to cover a funnel cake, you are most likely kidding yourself. 2. The three days you will actually have to spend exercising to cover it are […]

Operation Earn My Funnel Cake Is a Success

Well, I actually did it! After two days of hard work and careful eating, I have earned enough activity points to cover the funnel cake and rice and kebab platter I want to have at the amusement park tomorrow.  Then I did a lot of lazing about on the couch, in order to hopefully be fully recovered […]

This is How We Recover from Binge Day…and Earn a Funnel Cake

So yesterday was a little out of hand, but I refuse to let my diet be derailed over one unfortunate day.  True, I used 46/49 weekly points in one day, but that means that I have three left, and that therefore I am not yet off plan.  The challenge is that I have a special […]

The Day I Totally Binged Out in a Completely Unnecessary Manner

I’m not lying, and I’m not hiding.  Today was a dietary disaster. I have no idea why I let this happen. The good news is that this is all covered by weekly points.  The bad news is that I used 46/49 of those points on this, the first day of my diet week. The worse […]

I’ll have to exercise in a non-video game format? Gulp.

I was craving protein in the morning, so for breakfast I had some leftover chicken cutlet with 4 Tbsp. hummus on top, for 8 Points Plus. Then I got on the Wii to get some exercise in for the day, when I got a very bad error message. A bit of googling reveals that this […]

The Day I Couldn’t Think of a Good Title

Breakfast: maple yogurt with 3 walnut halves, 6 Points Plus   Then arm, butt, and thigh challenges for 1 activity point. And on to second breakfast, a small caramel cappuccino blast, 13 Points Plus.     Lunch, black bean & corn salad w/ breaded chicken cutlet, 12 Points Plus.  Then when I was cleaning up I […]

Public Service Announcement: Midnight Snacks Count for the Next Day. Do With This Information What You Will.

I had a midnight snack last night that I didn’t photograph: peaches canned in juice, drained, and pineapple canned in juice, with the juice for 2 Points Plus. But when I went to enter it into the Weight Watchers app, the whole day was blank. I was confused for a moment, but then I realized […]

Getting Back on the Horse…Was My Intention

It’s the last day of the long weekend, but it’s also Moday, so I thought I’d better get back on track.  I started the day with the 30 day arm, butt, and thigh challenges for 1 Activity Point. Breakfast was pretty nutritious; two apples and 1/4 cup of peanut butter, for 11 Points Plus.   So […]

The Couch, The Snacks, and The Game Afoot

After all that walking around yesterday we were ready for a day on the couch. We’ve been binge watching Elementary on Hulu lately. It’s really great. It’s a modern version of Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock has relocated to NYC, is working with NYPD, and Watson is a lady.  Highly recommended for grown-ups only. Before we got […]

Long Strolls and Vegetables

First day of the long weekend! Woohoo!  It was a really wonderful, laid back day. My favorite kind! Today’s food story begins like a Points Plus tragedy, but has a happy ending.  You see, I had four pieces of cheesebread left in the fridge, and my favorite way to eat cheesebread is by using it […]