My Corny Day on Weight Watchers 

Today was an awesome lazy Sunday, and the diet is on track. I had a turkey B.L.T. for brunch, 12 Weight Watchers Points Plus.   And I finally tried these candy corn m&m’s that I picked up at the drug store the other day. They were 6 Points Plus.  They’re filled with white chocolate and that […]

Meat, Carbs, Salad, and Tea: a Saturday on Weight Watchers 

The truly cold fall weather is finally here, and Brooklyn is damp from yesterday’s heavy rain.  It’s the perfect type of day for hot drinks and meat encased in carbs. We skipped breakfast to have a big brunch, mini crescent dogs with arugula and an apple, 14 Weight Watchers Points Plus.   And an iced […]

Fat Girl Adventures: Planet of the Muscle Dudes

I finally got out for a walk today, 50 minutes in the afternoon even though it was raining. Along the way I stopped at a gym to see whether they have rowing machines. I stood outside the door and hesitated because I could see that the place was full of intimidating muscle dudes but I […]

Defeat of the Feet (and Knees, and Hips)

I’m disappointed to say that this is me (kind of) signing off with C25k (for now).  I may have been pushing it to try another walk/run today. I had planned to wait another day, but the pain was pretty much gone, so I decided I’d just try it today, but take it a bit easy. […]

No Cake

Well, I didn’t exercise today as I was trying to give my ankle a break. The good news is that it’s feeling better and I hope that after a day or two I’ll be back in the game. Breakfast today was a mini pita with extra hummus and an orange, 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus. […]

Proceeding with the Process

It was the last day of my family’s four day weekend and I had plans for some naughty food later in the day, so I started my morning with a breakfast of apples, for zero Weight Watchers Points Plus.   We were having a lazy tv day, so at lunch time we had some lazy […]

Back on Track 

My primary dietary goal from 6 AM to 6 PM today was to make sure I had enough Weight Watchers Points Plus left over to have Taco Bell and cake this evening. So committed was I to this noble endeavor that I willingly consumed fat free dairy this morning.  Breakfast: fat free cherry greek yogurt […]

The day I Did Not Say No

After my relieving weigh in today (2.6 pounds lost) I was assigned a new daily Weight Watchers Points Plus allowance. The new number is 40, with 49 additional points to divide over the course of a week.  I’m really lucky that my week reset today because yesterday was a big point day, and today was […]