I shall write this About page in the style of an FAQ, except that it will be composed of questions no one has actually asked.

What type of nerd are you?

I am the type of nerd who consumes nerdy pop culture, plays MTG Online, draws nerdy things, starts fantasy novels that I never finish, and generally spends a lot of time in my own head.

What type of diet are you on?

I have been using the Weight Watchers Online Points Plus plan to lose weight since July, 2015.

Do you exercise too, nerd?

My exercise routine consists mostly of outdoor walking at the moment.  I used to use the Wii Fit Plus a lot but it broke.  (The disc reader broke, it wasn’t because I stepped on it too fatly!)  I may get it fixed, but I’m kind of holding out to get a WaterRower, which I hope to do by winter.

You shouldn’t call yourself fat, that’s mean!  You shouldn’t call yourself a nerd, that’s mean!

These words make some people uncomfortable because they consider them insulting.  I can assure you that my self esteem is quite intact.  I consider these words descriptors and I do not consider them insulting unless they are delivered with hurtful intent.  I think the idea that they are insulting stems from a belief that being different is bad, and that is a belief I do not share.  I derive great pleasure from my nerdy ways, and decided that I’d rather not be fat any more because my knees hurt when I do certain things, and I want to avoid future health problems.  I also want to have more energy and access to copious amounts of pretty lady clothes.

So how fat were you at one time, and how fat are you now?

My starting weight was 303 pounds.  As I write this, I am down to 278.0 pounds (10/28/15).  My goal weight is 130 pounds, but that is only because it is a two-pound buffer below the highest weight that puts me in the “normal” weight range as a 5’1″ woman.  Once I reach the 100’s I guess I’ll keep evaluating how I feel and whether I want to lose more weight.  For now I’m just focusing on making progress bit by bit, and on developing good habits as I go.

You sound fascinating.  Tell me more.

I’m a homeschooler, a Muslim, and a Girl Scout leader.  I live in Brooklyn.  I drink too much Starbucks.  I heart my slow cooker.  I get turned off by the phrase “It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.”  Calling a food sinful because it is decadent rubs me the wrong way.



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