Weekly Weigh In #19


I was .4 pounds up today, to 276.2.  That brings my total loss back down to 26.8.  And that 10% loss goal line is still hanging out on my weight graph like a big middle finger.  I’m feeling slightly grumpy about it, but only slightly.  

I’m a little more grumpy about the fact that next week is the time that I would expect a slight gain for lady reasons.  The prospect of gaining two weeks in a row has me feeling somewhat more grumpy, and makes me want to eat giant chocolate things, because what’s the point anyway?  
Well, I know that is a crazy attitude to have considering that this is one small gain after seven weeks of losses, and I don’t want to ruin the progress I’ve made so far. So I’m probably going to allow myself a giant chocolate thing over the weekend while I have the points for it, then proceed to knock it out of the park for the rest of the week.   

So here is this week’s mission statement:

Have chocolate, then knock it out of the park.

Rules for life!  


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