NaNoWriMo Catch Up Day


Well, guys, I can certainly find a lot of things to keep me busy while I’m supposed to be writing.  Today was my day to myself.  I was home alone from 7:30 AM until now, and I probably have about another hour before my family gets home.  I’ve been planning since the weekend to use today to catch up on my NaNoWriMo project.  That meant that I had to write about 4,800 words today.  That’s a lot of words, but this is just a rough draft and the whole point of NaNoWriMo is that I’m not supposed to be editing while I write, but just throwing the roughest of drafts down within one month.  That makes the writing much faster.

It’s been going pretty well, but I was somewhat behind on my word count based on how far into the month we are, due to starting a day late and being hung up on a problem in the story for the last couple of days.

So anyway, 7:30 AM, house to myself.  I got right down to business…watching The Flash while eating cereal and flipping through catalogs.  This is the first time I’ve watched t.v. by myself in months.  It’s also the first time I’ve had cereal in even more months.  This was 10 Weight Watchers Points Plus and it was super tasty.  But when I finished I remembered why I haven’t really had cereal since I started Weight Watchers.  This was a big portion, but even so it was just not filling.  I had already used 10 Points Plus for breakfast and I was still hungry.  I fought the urge to eat more, and got down to business…


…reading Gawker, checking my email, and playing Burrito Bison Revenge.  Yeah.  Then I got further down to business by giving in to that lingering hunger and having a mini pita with hummus, 5 Points Plus.  I sometimes have the mini pita with hummus as my whole breakfast, so that bowl of cereal was totally wasted points, I guess.  But as I said, it was tasty.


I was still kind of hungry but I suspected that it was just my belly joining the effort to prevent me from beginning the day’s writing, so I just got a bowl of lettuce, zero Points Plus and got down to business…


…actually writing.  Wow, bet you never saw that one coming!


I alternated between writing and playing Burrito Bison Revenge until lunch.  I am a very serious novelist.

I had a frozen bean, rice, and cheese burrito with cheddar melted on top and tons of salsa (squeezing in those veggies), 12 Points Plus.


Then in the afternoon I needed some very serious writer fuel.  This is what I did:  I had some pretzels.  I dipped them in canned frosting.  I enjoyed every bite.  I used too many Points Plus.


You know the only way to eat these is by dipping them directly into the frosting container, right?  That made it impossible to measure, but I estimated by dipping about one teaspoon’s worth onto each pretzel.


I do what I must for my art.

That nonsense was 15 Points Plus, and took me to 42/39 for the day.  But I got some excellent writing done, kids!

While I was eating I was telling myself that I had earned my activity points by allowing the WaterRower to beat up every muscle in my body every day this week, that I deserved to use those activity points in a very lovely way, and that if I did I’d have plenty of points left for dinner.  But then I decided that I’d really rather save those activity points because the scale has been a little unfriendly with me this week and I could probably use that buffer.  It would be easy enough to skip dinner since I’m home alone.  But, but.  I decided to have my freaking burrito.

So dinner, frozen burrito plus salsa, no added cheese & blueberries for dessert while finishing season 1 of The Flash.  8 Points Plus Don’t let my elegance overwhelm you.


That leaves me at exactly 0 weekly points/0 activity points for the week. (But I’m not in the negatives.  Yay?)  I didn’t exercise today.  To be fair, how could I when I was so busy writing? :-p  I’ll have to be on target tomorrow, and I’m kind of expecting a bad weigh in on Friday because as I said, the scale hasn’t been friendly even though I haven’t actually gone off plan.  Harrumph.  Anyway, as we all know, when we lose weight it’s due to diligence and hard work, but when we gain weight it’s due to bloating.  That’s weight loss 101, right?

As for the writing, I have 3,150 words written for today.  It’s less than I wanted.  I probably have about another hour before my family gets home, so I may write a little more.  Or I’ll play more Burrito Bison.  Or I’ll take a nap.  It was a good day, and this little word count gap will probably be easier to catch up on by doing a bit extra per day than by trying to squeeze it out tonight.



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