On Track


I’m feeling good today!  I stuck to my 39 Weight Watchers Points Plus, and got in lots of fruits and veggies plus 20 minutes of rowing.  This is what I should be doing every day.

I had a small handful of blueberries for breakfast part one, 0 Points Plus.  
Yams mashed with butter and salt for breakfast part two, 8 Points Plus.

  Four milk duds in the late morning, 1 Point Plus.  
I actually cooked lunch today, which I rarely do.  I fried some yellow squash in butter, sprinkled some parmesan on top, cracked an egg on it, then baked it until the egg was ready. It’s sitting on a split mini pita. 8 Points Plus

  A 2% Greek yogurt with cherry topping and a banana in the afternoon, 4 Points Plus.  
And 18 Points Plus worth of chicken and dumpling soup for dinner.

That’s 39/39 for today.  I’ll try to do the same tomorrow.

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