The Sandwich Intruded on my Good Intentions


I was planning to stick to my Weight Watchers Points Plus exactly today, but that didn’t happen.  The extras were covered by weekly points, though.  I’m satisfied with that.
 I had a huge not-at-all breakfasty breakfast today: a turkey sandwich with veggies & light mayo…with a diet soda and chips. It sounded good, was good, and I do not regret it.  18 Points Plus
An iced tea while I worked on my NaNoWriMo project, 3 Points Plus.  I crossed 25% today, and am just over 13,000 words. I’m still about one day behind, and I still hope to catch up on Wednesday.  
  I baked some mushrooms topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella and had them with a little rice for lunch, 5 Points Plus.  
And a shredded chicken smothered burrito no sour cream from Taco Bell for dinner, 16 Points Plus.

That’s 42/39 for the day, covered by weekly points.  Not bad, not bad.

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