The Midnight Snack Strikes Again


My eating is so out of hand on Saturdays.  I did it again yesterday, using most of my weekly points in one day.  It’s ok, though.  I know the consequences.  I’ll have to stick mostly to my 39 Weight Watchers Points Plus per day allowance this week with just a couple of weekly/activity points to use per day at most.

But that makes last night’s midnight snack more problematic than it otherwise might have been.  I had 15 milk duds, 5 Points Plus after midnight, meaning it counted for today, so I kind of started out the day five points short. 

Midnight milk duds: a reenactment

I got up early to work on my NaNoWriMo project while the rest of the family was sleeping and had a Kind bar for breakfast, 6 Points Plus

After everyone woke up we made a big brunch of sauteed veggies, egg with cheese, and a shared orange, 10 Points Plus.
An iced tea afterward, 3 Points Plus.  

Four more milk duds in the afternoon (Halloween!👊), 1 Point Plus

A mini pita with hummus, 5 Points Plus.

And for dinner, tortilla chips with nacho cheese and salsa, 9 Points Plus.


That makes 39/39 for the day. Okay, doing this! 

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