Easy WaterRower Ankle Rest Pads


I’ve been enjoying/suffering at the hand of the WaterRower for a few days now.  It is a beautiful machine and has been providing an effective workout.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the ankle holders. They are designed to be used with shoes, but I say one of the best things about being at home is the joy of being barefoot. Never fear, internet: I have resolved this problem, and am now prepared to impart my knowledge to humanity.  I give you the  soft sock solution.

“But Nerd,” you may be thinking, “you promised us a solution for barefoot rowing!”

So I did. But don’t worry.  You won’t be wearing the socks; your WaterRower will.

Simply select the pair of socks that most stylishly matches your decor, and roll around the ankle rest like so.  The weight of your feet will easily hold them in place while you row.


Ankle rests padded. Indoor footwear avoided.  No more ouchies.  You’re welcome.

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