Writing and Rowing


Quick Business:  I have to apologize to my blog subscribers.  I accidentally published this post twice while it was partially done today.  Sorry for too many emails!  But on to the big news.

It’s here!  This beautiful baby arrived a day early.  My husband built it for me last night and it has been devastating every muscle in my body ever since.


I’ve been wishing for a WaterRower for the better part of a decade.  At first it was out of the question financially, then once we could have afforded it there was the matter of space (the thing is big, and Brooklyn apartments are tiny).  Things are better for us now, and although it involved moving one piece of furniture and getting rid of another one that really had to go anyway, we were able to give it a nice home by the window.

There is still the matter of having a big ol’ machine right in my living room, but to be honest I’m not much of a decorator anyway.  To me, the benefit I hope to gain is worth it.

I expected to hop on the machine and do an hour looking like this guy.

In fact, after two minutes my thighs had had it.  I had expected rowing to be hard on the abs, or difficult aerobically.  I never thought that my thighs would be the first to go.  After a minute’s rest I did another couple of minutes.  I rowed and rested my way through 11 minutes of rowing with a few minutes of pausing in between.  I did a couple more of these row and pause sessions, and ended up rowing for 35 minutes today.  Including the pauses, it took 48 minutes all together divided into three sessions.  The most I was able to do in one stretch was five minutes, but that only happened one time.  I guess my first short term goal is to be able to do ten minutes straight without pausing.  Eventually I’d like to work up to sixty minutes straight once a day, but now that I’ve been duly humbled I must say that that is probably a long way into the future!  By the way, after I got off the machine, my abs were definitely feeling the pain.  I think this thing is going to be good for the waistline.

Food was on track today.  I had a big dinner planned so I scaled back during the day.

Breakfast was a Kind bar with plain full fat Greek yogurt, 12 Weight Watchers Points Plus.


Lunch was a mini pita with hummus and a giant bowl of lettuce., 5 Points Plus.


A raspberry tea, 3 Points Plus.


Half an orange while I was cooking, 0 Points Plus.


Something unfortunate happened in the afternoon.  I knew how many Points Plus I had left for the day, and I knew how many I planned to use for dinner.  I had three extra points left, and I know that it is my solemn Weight Watchers duty to make sure that I use all my points every day.  What I’m saying is, I was unfortunately forced to eat chocolate.  Or, well, I decided to eat chocolate.  But I totally did it because I needed a way to use up my points without spoiling dinner so…yeah, it had to be done, really!  A Butterfinger peanut butter cup, 3 Points Plus.  Halloween is still haunting me.


I made a slow cooker stew for dinner.  Seared beef, all parts of a fennel, oranges + zest, mint, sauteed onion, salt & pepper, chicken stock.  I had it with a dinner roll and butter, 16 Points Plus.


By the way, this is what happens if you saute onions in the pan in which you’ve just seared meat.  That brown sauce is a little something I like to call flavor.  Do it, folks.


So that made the day 39/39 Points Plus.  As I said, I did what I had to do!

I spent some down time working on my NaNoWriMo project today.  Progress is happening.  This “just get it down in a month” thing is really helping.  I’ve never just thrown down a rough draft before.  I’ve always spent a lot of time perfecting each scene before moving on and I’ve always had trouble with the plot’s midsection.  Midsections are always giving me problems.  Har, har, fat girl joke.  But anyway, this speeding through a rough draft then spending the time on editing later may be just the approach I needed.



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