Sprouted Lentil Frittata 

I sprouted some lentils last week, and this weekend they were ready to use.  In the past I’ve used sprouted lentils in stews or stir fries, but this time I went with a frittata.   Ingredients: 1 Tbsp. butter 1 large onion, diced 1 3/4 cups sprouted brown lentils Salt and pepper One dozen eggs 1/2 […]

Weekly Weigh In #16: 25 Pounds Lost!

As I approached the scale for weigh in this morning, I was thinking about the fact that my hair has grown several inches since I started this diet, and wondering how much “unfair” weight it might be adding. As though that pound would make a difference! The games our minds play. My scale is a […]

Laser Focus

So, leftover cookies for breakfast. Oh dear. 14 Weight Watchers Points Plus. (Don’t worry, I finished the day on plan!) But of course I was hungry by late morning because cookies don’t keep you satisfied. So I had a heaping bowl of lettuce with a mini pita and hummus, 5 Points Plus. Then I spent […]

I Added Meat

Today was a nice lazy day at home baking, slow cooking, and crafting. I had a turkey BLT for breakfast, 12 Points Plus. And a Kind bar in late morning, 6 Points Plus. I saw instructions for these cute cookies on the Pilsbury web site weeks ago and knew that I wanted to make them […]

Glitter, Chipotle, and Matt Damon

I grew up in the Midwestern suburbs.  While I love living in Brooklyn there are certain things I miss about the suburban life.  Every few months my husband plays hooky from work, we send my daughter off to her grandma for the day, and we head out to Long Island to partake of stores the […]

A Big Victory 

Hi, guys!  I noticed that I mostly eat the same foods over and over, so I decided that I’m not going to post food journals every day, but just do it on days when I eat differently, because no one really needs to see another picture of a turkey BLT or hummus pitas!  On that […]

Weekly Weigh in #15: The Verdict is In

The week of nonsense is over, and I’m feeling like I got away with something. Today I weighed in at 279.4, .4 pounds down from last week. It’s not much, it’s smaller than it would have been had I been behaving myself, and it’s even so small that it could be explained away by body […]

The Final Day of the Week of Nonsense

I started the day with -28 weekly points remaining after my frienemies Ben and Jerry whisked me off for some misadventures last night.  I’m feeling centered at last, and I did the best thing I could: I finished the last day of my Weight Watchers week within my daily Points Plus allowance.  The only unhelpful […]

Diet Fail

Ok, so I started the day with zero Weight Watchers weekly points remaining and two more days until weigh in.  I was determined to get through two days of hitting my daily point allotment right on target. I had cravings. I resisted. I planned and revised those plans. I had dinner early because I was […]