Hummus Where My Heart Is


Today went very well. I stuck to my points and something very exciting happened. I ordered my WaterRower!  It should come between Wednesday of next week and the following Monday.  I can’t wait to start rowing. I’m very excited about having such a convenient way of getting a full body workout with almost no impact to my joints.  I expect this to be a very big deal!
Breakfast today was cucumbers with two mini pitas & hummus. I started with one but I was still hungry so I had another, 10 Points Plus

A cup of yams mashed with 1 Tbsp. butter and salt for lunch, 7 Points Plus

Afternoon sweet tooth: a square of dark chocolate and two caramels.  I couldn’t believe it, but all of that was just 4 Points Plus

Later in the afternoon I wanted some potato chips, but I only took three, for 1 point.  No picture – it was a bit too impulsive for that.  I was so tempted to just finish the bag, but I realized that would be a bad idea so instead I had another mini pita with hummus and a diet soda to hold me over until dinner, 5 Points Plus.


Mini pitas with hummus are like my main food, man.  I eat so many of these! Tasty, healthful, and definitely filling enough to justify the points.  I get the whole wheat ones.

Dinner was a turkey BLT, 12 Points Plus.

That’s 39/39 for today. Weigh in tomorrow, hope I’m not bloated from that salty turkey bacon!

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