The new daily allowance of 39 Weight Watchers Points Plus has been manageable, but I can feel the difference!

Today I had a big 8-ounce Noosa blueberry yogurt for breakfast, 7 Points Plus.

An apple later in the morning, zero Points Plus.

I went on a long walk with my daughter to the library, the drug store, and the playground, 3.33 miles all together.  The only drawback: we stopped at McDonalds while we were out.  Two filets o’ fish, 21 Points Plus and a diet soda. 

I had a Vitamin Water Zero when I got home, zero Points Plus.

I cooked a giant pot of chicken and dumpling soup for dinner. I had 2 cups, for 10 Points Plus.  Thing that makes my life easier: my ladle  measures exactly 1/2 cup.

38/39 Points Plus. Close enough!

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