Warning: Pizza Inside 

Portion size is such a mind game.

I guess we’re supposed to call these non-scale victories.  I wanted to have this for breakfast.  I was so close to doing it that I snapped a photo for the blog and everything. 

I wanted to, but it would have been 16 Weight Watchers Points Plus and I wanted to stick to my allowance of 39 today.  The numbers for the rest of the day just wouldn’t work out.

So I had this.

Not the ideal breakfast, to be sure, but that was 9 Points Plus, and the first time in my memory, and I mean in my entire life, when I willingly ate just one slice of pizza.  There have been times when I ate one slice because we didn’t have enough to eat more, and there must have been times in my childhood when one slice seemed huge, but I have long since forgotten.  Today I took one slice of pizza and left three in the box, and it is literally the first time in my life that I can remember doing that.  And it felt very strange, like I was eating a half meal. After I finished I had to sit there with myself and have a long thought exercise about how I wasn’t actually still hungry.  Yes, I could eat another one, and without even feeling overly full afterward, but I didn’t need to.  That slice was adequate.   I wasn’t sure until I’d put the box back into the fridge that I wasn’t going to take another, but once it was in there I knew I’d pulled it off.  One slice, done.

That’s all well and good, but the existence of leftover pizza is indicative of…something.  Let’s just say my weekly points were consumed over the weekend and I’m going to have to behave myself for the rest of the week!  (But somehow I’m down a pound despite that, so if I do behave myself this could be another successful week!)

Speaking of success: I finished my new blog banner!  I’ll be moving to a new site soon, but I’ll keep you posted here.  If you follow my blog now your subscription will survive the transition and you won’t miss a thing.  Plus I’ll know you love me, so please do! 😀


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