Weekly Weigh In #16: 25 Pounds Lost!

As I approached the scale for weigh in this morning, I was thinking about the fact that my hair has grown several inches since I started this diet, and wondering how much “unfair” weight it might be adding. As though that pound would make a difference! The games our minds play.

My scale is a typical household scale and like all household scales I’ve ever tried, it can give different results even with back to back weighings.  My arbitrary rule is that I need to see the same number three times in a row.  The first two times I weighed myself I got a number that put me down 2.6 pounds. Yes! But the next three times I got 278.0 exactly.  The rule of three: 278, and a 1.8 pound loss for the week. And I’m happy with that. 

My starting weight was 303, so this brings me exactly to a 25 pound loss overall. I am so glad to be seeing real progress again after a couple of dud weeks.  Twenty-five pounds equals three gallons of water.  When I picture three gallon jugs hanging from my body, this feels pretty significant.

This is also bringing me closer to 273, my short term goal of a 10% body weight loss.  Twenty-five pounds feels big, and I expect 10% to feel even bigger.

The Weight Watchers app congratulated me, then promptly punched me in the gut by reducing my daily Points Plus allowance to 39.  This is the first time a point reduction has looked daunting. What is it about humans and round numbers? This is still just a one point reduction, so what if it takes me out of the forties and into the thirties?  And I’d better be able to go along with this because if all goes as planned I’ll be down to 26 one day.

Anyway, I’ll just have to swallow that pill and move along.

There’s more good news.  I think we’ll be able to order the rowing machine soon.  If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that my exercise routines have been defeated one by one. First I was using Wii Fit a lot, like an hour a day or so, but it broke. Then I tried C25k and loved it until I started getting some pretty serious joint pain and had to stop. Lately I’ve been walking, thought less than I should because  sometimes I can be lazy about leaving the house, plus winter is coming and pleasure walking will soon be curtailed.  The plan is to have the rowing machine set up before that happens. And it has an 800 pound capacity, so hopefully it will be a little more durable than my other routines have been!  I think having that machine sitting there will encourage me to just hop on and do ten minutes whenever I walk by, plus whatever I do as planned exercise, so I hope this will be very beneficial.

Moving along!

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