I Added Meat

Today was a nice lazy day at home baking, slow cooking, and crafting.

I had a turkey BLT for breakfast, 12 Points Plus.

And a Kind bar in late morning, 6 Points Plus.

I saw instructions for these cute cookies on the Pilsbury web site weeks ago and knew that I wanted to make them with my daughter.   They are peanut butter cookies shaped like little pumpkins with pretzel stems.


I never did find their prepared peanut butter cookie dough, so today we just made our own dough and followed their instructions from that point, except that we colored the dough itself orange.  Well, orangeish, since peanut butter cookie dough is pretty dark and we couldn’t get a very bright orange.

I ate about 5 Points Plus worth of cookie dough. Be fair: no one can be expected to resist cookie dough!

We did a test batch of two cookies to see whether they would hold their pumpkin shape.  They did not.

Yes, I ate it anyway!

Since the test batch didn’t turn out I made some plain ones for the dieters in the house and let my daughter go freeform with the rest of the dough, pretzels, and sprinkles.

I ate too many cookies; my total came to 12 Points Plus.  I probably shouldn’t bake for awhile!

After the cookies were done I turned my attention to dinner, which I actually cooked today. I know, don’t fall out of your seats!

I made a butternut squash and green lentil stew based on this recipe, but you know I added some meat to that.  I tossed some lamb cubes with the same spice mixture called for in the recipe, seared them, and threw them in the pot.  I must say that the meat took this from tasty to dangerous!  With the added meat, I calculated this at 5 Points Plus per cup, and I had 1.5 cups for dinner, 8 Points Plus.  That puts me at 43/40 points for the day. I’ll take it!


The only thing I’d change for next time is that I’d sauté the onions first.  I missed the sweetness that gives to the onions.

Oh, and while the slow cooker was going I did some messy crafting with kiddo. To be continued…  

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