Glitter, Chipotle, and Matt Damon

I grew up in the Midwestern suburbs.  While I love living in Brooklyn there are certain things I miss about the suburban life.  Every few months my husband plays hooky from work, we send my daughter off to her grandma for the day, and we head out to Long Island to partake of stores the size of city blocks, everpresent and abundant parking spaces, and movie screens as wide as our apartment.

I’m an early riser, so while I was waiting for the rest of the family to wake up I had a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast, 7 Points Plus.

We didn’t hit the road until late morning. As you know, we don’t leave Brooklyn without Starbucks.  I had a skinny iced caramel latte and a banana, 2 Points Plus 

Our first stop on Long Island was the giganti-theater where we saw The Martian. My advice: if you’re even a little bit nerdy, see this movie.  It was not only brilliant and well acted, but it was unexpectedly hilarious.  

I think we may have been in the room with people who were not sufficiently nerdy because they were mysteriously not laughing. It was weird.  Something would happen that I know was uproariously, sidesplittingly funny and they did not react.  This happened over and over.  I contained myself somewhat due to group social expectations, but not entirely because space movies are nerdzone, and if there is for example (mild spoiler alert) a prolonged Lord of the Rings reference with an actual actor from the Lord of the Rings movies participating, I’m allowed to giggle like a dork.

I had a 32 ounce cherry icee, 12 Points Plus
 It was already dinner time when we got out, and we headed to Chipotle for dinner.  While technically Chipotle does exist in Brooklyn it does not exist in my neighborhood.  The giant attached parking lot added that flair of suburban wow. I guess what I actually miss about the suburbs is that everything is large, immediately available, and totally convenient.  

I had a bowl with the lettuce on top because for some reason lettuce came at the end of the line. (Why, Chipotle?)  

Hidden under the lettuce layer are brown rice, chicken, black beans, fajita veggies, cheese, tomato salsa, and corn salsa.  I took a lemon wedge from the condiment section and squeezed it on top. 21 Points Plus all together.  Magnifique.  

That brought me to 42/40 Points Plus for the day.  I could have left off the black beans or corn salsa to save 2 points and keep me at 40, but forget that.  I love Chipotle, it is a rare treat, and I wanted to do it right.  (And I had already passed on sour cream and guac. Grumble, grumble.)

Last, we went to a giant craft store that also has framing supplies.  I found out that the sketch I bought yesterday is an irregular size and I’ll have to custom order the mat board online. Weak. I didn’t get the frame either because I think it will be easier to just order them at the same time.

But never fear, I still did some rather fine craft shopping, both for myself and for Girl Scouts.

For my personal use:


Glitter and ink pads for some type of fall or Thanksgiving craft to be determined, a jar for sprouting lentils, and some hair ties for kiddo.
And for Girl Scouts:

Jewelry making supplies for work on the “Playing the Past” badge. These are for bracelets in the colors of ancient Egypt; the beads that appear green here are actually turquoise.
I made a sample.

So I’d call this a good day overall, I was pretty much on plan, and the scale seems to be indicating that weigh in this week will finally reflect significant change.  

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