Weekly Weigh in #15: The Verdict is In

The week of nonsense is over, and I’m feeling like I got away with something.

Today I weighed in at 279.4, .4 pounds down from last week. It’s not much, it’s smaller than it would have been had I been behaving myself, and it’s even so small that it could be explained away by body cycles. But it’s not a gain, and I am so relieved. 

When I entered my weight the Weight Watchers app said that “You lost again! Congratulations! Keep doing exactly what you’re doing.”  Yeah…maybe not so much!


I think I need to start buckling down again this week. I don’t want to continue losing less than half a pound a week or it will take me more than six years to reach my goal weight.  I have a maybe-high-point day planned on Monday so I want to be a little more reasonable today and through the weekend so I can enjoy myself guilt free on Monday. 

Ok, fresh start!

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