The Final Day of the Week of Nonsense

I started the day with -28 weekly points remaining after my frienemies Ben and Jerry whisked me off for some misadventures last night.  I’m feeling centered at last, and I did the best thing I could: I finished the last day of my Weight Watchers week within my daily Points Plus allowance.  The only unhelpful thing that happened today was that I didn’t get my usual long Thursday walk in as I was home with a sick kiddo instead of dropping her off at her usual Thursday class, but she’s worth it!

Actually, something funny happened this morning. My weight was very slightly down from the last weigh in. It’s not official until tomorrow, but it would be most excellent to make it through this week of dietary improprieties without a gain.  Here’s hoping!

I had one of my usual breakfasts, a turkey BLT, 12 Points Plus.   

I really, really wanted some chicken ramen for lunch again but I knew that was a bad idea.  Instead I went for a vanilla yogurt, a maple kind bar, and an iced hibiscus tea for afterward, 13 Points Plus.

This is so much better than what I was craving, and seven less points than the ramen would have been once I added the cheese and crackers that I find mandatory with it. (Why?)  It just shows how hard old habits are to break.  I’m going to have to keep at it for a long time before my new habits can become as strong, if they can at all.

Popcorn is the most filling per point food I know of, plus it takes a long time to eat.  In the late afternoon I had 5 cups with a tablespoon of butter and salt for 7 Points Plus 

It was 4:00 and I was stuffed, with my points reserved for dinner. Home free!

I usually pick up Subway salads while I’m out walking on Thursdays, and even though I didn’t go out today it still sounded good (See? Good habit. Yes!). Luckily my husband was able to pick them up after work instead, so we still got our nice, leafy dinner.  And I have got to say that one of the things I’m happiest about from this journey so far is that my daughter now considers it perfectly normal to have a salad for dinner. She’s always been a big veggie eater, but salads have generally been a side dish in our house. It makes me so happy every time I see her digging into one.

So, Subway double chicken salad with Subway vinegarette, 8 Points Plus.

40/40 for the day.  The unwelcome weigh day is tomorrow, then a fresh start for the new week.

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