In a Frenzy

My body has been rebelling against this weight loss with a vengeance this week. I have been feeling this frenzied need to eat.  Today I ate a big, delicious lunch and immediately afterward while I was cleaning up I felt this overwhelming urge to just start eating everything in sight. It’s like some kind of switch has flipped; my body thinks that it’s fighting for its survival.  It doesn’t know that I’m the one who is actually doing that.  In the middle of that animalistic urge to just start stuffing my face, I noticed that I wasn’t even hungry. In fact, I was stuffed. I mean, I had just eaten this: certainly not a light meal, and something far larger than what I would normally eat for lunch these days.  

I have used my extra Weight Watchers weekly points for this week, and need today and tomorrow to be right on target in order to stay on plan. Even if I do pull that off (and I mean to), I’m not expecting a loss this week.

I told myself I’m not hungry and resisted the urge to eat just because of some false alarms going off in my brain.  The frenzy passed within 20 minutes.

Hopefully it won’t take too long for my body to learn that weight loss does not equal starvation and make this far too high set point a thing of the past.

I know this is a thing that happens and that it means this is working; I’m just going to have to make an extra effort to stay on plan until I can pull through this.

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