My Sick Habit

I was up late last night and got really hungry because of my weird meal timings yesterday, so I had a midnight snack of two mini pitas with extra hummus, 10 Weight Watchers Points Plus 

I had a zero point breakfast to make up for that. I had a banana, but I was still hungry so I had a second one as well, zero Points Plus. 

I had woken up with a pretty nasty cold today: sore throat, sore ear, snuffle nose, the whole works. So for lunch I had my totally trashy sick day comfort food: a pack of instant chicken ramen poured over 16 saltines and 1/2 cup full fat cheddar cheese, 22 Points Plus.  Would someone be so kind as to remind me next time I’m sick that this didn’t actually make me feel better?  

My food had been a little too beige up to that point, so I sat a big bowl of arugula next to me to munch on while I worked on the computer, zero Points Plus. 

A pomegranate iced tea, 3 Points Plus.


Then two apples, zero Points Plus.


I’ll be so sad-glad when these things are gone! 1 Point Plus  

I made a giant slow cooker full of veggie and meatball soup and had a couple of bowls for dinner, 20 Points Plus.   The point count was high because there was a lot of meat and olive oil in this batch. I plan to dilute the leftovers with more diced tomatoes and chicken stock tomorrow so it will be less points per bowl for the second day. 

And a rosemary ciabatta with butter, 6 Points Plus.  


Well, that’s 62/40 Points Plus for the day. Whoa, Mama! I finished my weekly points plus one activity point and have two days until weigh in. No problem, I’ll just have to stick to my 40 points for the next two days. If not, I do have some activity points to spare. I’ve been thinking about why I’ve been so hungry, and I think that my body is fighting the move away from it’s comfortable set point.  I will be able to accept it if I end up staying around this weight for a little while while this internal battle plays out.  I realize that that is a thing that happens and I’m prepared to stick to the plan for awhile while it works itself out.  

On the other hand, even if I have been eating a lot these days, I haven’t actually gone off plan, so maybe it won’t turn out to be an issue.  I can hope, and Friday isn’t far away, so stay tuned.

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