Kung. Pao. Chicken.

After a couple of splurgey days I wanted to get back on track in terms of my Weight Watchers Points Plus plan today.   I had a day out with my family with some indulgent foods, but managed to stick to my points budget overall.

I wasn’t hungry in the morning because of my huge late dinner last night, so for breakfast I just had an iced herbal tea, 3 Points Plus.  

I had eight milk duds as a mid morning snack, 3 Points Plus 

Lunch was at a halal Chinese restaurant. (I love Brooklyn.) These things are hard to estimate. I ordered kung pao chicken and ate about half of the amount shown (the half with all the meat and mushrooms, heh heh) and a cup of rice. I’m estimating this at 20 Points Plus to be on the safe side.  

Then a large Dunkin’ Donuts caramel latte with almond milk at the playground, 10 Points Plus.  Cool. When did they start offering almond milk?   

They say not to drink your calories, but personally I’m happy to make room in my points budget for a nice beverage.

 For dinner or an evening snack, however you want to look at it, I had a vanilla yogurt with pineapple on top, 4 Points Plus 

That brought the day to 40/40 Points Plus, with about an hour walking. We’re getting there.  

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  1. Have you ever considered plain yogurt versus vanilla, and adding either splenda and/or vanilla extract? I know WW is based on points but are sugar calories really worth it? Im in another world with low carb…

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