I’m baaaack

It feels like a long time since I posted one of these visual food journals. In fact, it’s only been a few days.  Today was the start of a new Weight Watchers week for me, and I’m happy to say I’ve started off on the right foot.

Brunch was a turkey BLT, 12 Weight Watchers Points Plus 

With 8 milk duds (chocolate covered chewy caramel), 3 Points Plus 

A Kind bar in the afternoon, 6 Points Plus.

Then, oops, four more milk duds, 1 Point Plus. I like how I bought the fun size packs so I wouldn’t eat as many, so then I just ate three packs. Oh well!  

And sushi for a late dinner, 18 Points Plus. (Two pieces not pictured. Something…happened to them before they made it to the plate.)  

That’s 40/40 Points Plus for the day.  Mischief managed.

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