Cheese Splurge

I splurged a little today diet-wise, but not too badly for a Saturday.  And I got in an hour of fast walking, so I’m pretty satisfied with my record for the day.

For breakfast I had some hummus straight from the container while I waited for the rest of the family to wake up, 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus.   

And followed with some pears canned in juice, drained, zero points plus.   

Another turkey BLT for lunch. I do not get tired of these things. The deli was out of wheat bread today so I had it on rye. It was tasty but I’m not going to make it a permanent switch. 12 Points Plus  

A big afternoon treat, a grande chai creme frappuccino with soy milk and whipped cream, 10 Points Plus.  I felt a little pretentious typing that, but I kind of had to because every one of those words affects the points!   

And a very big treat for dinner: baked macaroni and cheese, 28 Points Plus. This is what weekly points are for!  So worth it.  The apple is zero points.

That brought the day’s total to 53/40 points (the extra covered by weeklies) and one cheese-pleased “dieter”. 

If I get hungry later I’ll have another apple, but I really don’t expect that to happen!  

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