Weekly Weigh in #14

I was nervous about weigh in this week because I’ve felt kind of bloated and blah for the last few days. I know that seeing water weight on the scale sometimes is normal but I just was not in the mood to roll with a gain this week, even if it was just water.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to. I was .6 pounds down, to 279.8. What a relief!  

I’m very happy to be out of the 280s, even if it is just barely. This one feels like a big deal to me, and I’m feeling super motivated to put a bigger buffer between myself and 280 because I do not want to go back there.  

This also puts me within reach of hitting 272.7 within a month or so. That would be a big deal, as it would reflect a 10% loss from my starting weight.  A line even appeared on my Weight Watchers graph at that level, so I have a visual representation of that goal.  I’m feeling pretty driven to get there. This is the first time in my weight loss journey that I’ve had a specific target weight motivating me in the short term.

I’ve always heard that a 10% weight loss can have a big impact on a person’s health, so I’d really like to cross that line.  

And I’m finally ready to get back to recording what I eat here on this blog.  So expect a post tonight, and I mean it this time!

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