My Corny Day on Weight Watchers 

Today was an awesome lazy Sunday, and the diet is on track.

I had a turkey B.L.T. for brunch, 12 Weight Watchers Points Plus 

And I finally tried these candy corn m&m’s that I picked up at the drug store the other day. They were 6 Points Plus.  They’re filled with white chocolate and that sweet, sweet artificial candy corn flavor.  I loved them.

I had them as an afternoon T.V. snack scattered on some buttered popcorn for another 11 Points Plus (7 cups of popcorn, 2 Tbsp. butter).  That was a most excellent combination.

Dinner was a Tasty Bites boxed Kashmir spinach, 6 Points Plus, and a cup of rice, 5 Points Plus.  
For dessert I had some pears canned in juice, drained, for zero Points Plus.  
That brought the day’s food total to 40/40 Points Plus, corny snacks and all.  Moving right along!

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