Meat, Carbs, Salad, and Tea: a Saturday on Weight Watchers 

The truly cold fall weather is finally here, and Brooklyn is damp from yesterday’s heavy rain.  It’s the perfect type of day for hot drinks and meat encased in carbs.

We skipped breakfast to have a big brunch, mini crescent dogs with arugula and an apple, 14 Weight Watchers Points Plus.


And an iced green tea with The Doctor, 2 Points Plus

Tea: the best drink in all of time and space?
My husband went out for an errand, and returned with hot drinks from Starbucks. Mine was a grande vanilla soy chai latte, 6 Points Plus.  
We got some walking in in the afternoon and stopped at the Uzbek restaurant for dinner. I had salad with a piece of bread, a meat filled samsa, and just a couple of cubes of chicken kebab and estimated it at 26 Points Plus. 


That brings the day to 48/40 Points Plus, the extra covered with weekly points. Not bad for a weekend splurge day!

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