90 Days in, 20 Pounds Lost, 150 Pounds to Go (Weekly Weigh in #13)

It feels so good to step on the scale on weigh in day fully expecting good results.  I’ve been seeing a number in the last couple of days that I would have been happy with, but something happened to my body overnight and I got a big surprise at weigh in.  I got the same reading four times in a row (never happens!) so it must be true. I was down 3.8 pounds, to 280.4.  

Well, folks, that’s 22.6 pounds gone.  Just 150.4 more to go. Yay?


My graph is a little messed up because I guess I didn’t save my weight last week so oops, I entered this week’s twice, but it still makes me happy!

Things That Happened This Week

  1. I started the week with a holiday feast.
  2. I used 1/3 of my daily Weight Watchers points for cake three days in a row.
  3. Despite all of that I didn’t go off plan because 
  4. I stuck to my points for the week overall. And then
  5. I had my biggest weekly loss in two months.

It just sounds absurd. Weight Watchers is so flexible.  I am inspired to be more well behaved this week, but I’m not going to be mad at myself if I don’t have a loss because the ol’ bod may need a minute to catch its breath. Onward!

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