Fat Girl Adventures: Planet of the Muscle Dudes

I finally got out for a walk today, 50 minutes in the afternoon even though it was raining. Along the way I stopped at a gym to see whether they have rowing machines. I stood outside the door and hesitated because I could see that the place was full of intimidating muscle dudes but I was totally displeased with myself for being intimidated so I went in anyway.

I have nothing against muscle dudes, and I have a feeling that if any of them took notice of me at all their most likely reaction would be to expertly teach the ways of their favorite hobby to a bewildered newcomer to the Land of the Muscled.  It’s just that fat girl circles and muscle dude circles so rarely intersect that I felt a bit like a water droplet sidling into a bottle of oil.  I might as well have been in Diagon Alley asking whether they had any nice cauldrons on sale because I really needed a new soup pot.

Both people working at the counter were women so at least I didn’t have to speak to a muscle dude. I definitely felt like I was in alien territory and I began to wonder whether I would actually be comfortable working out in there. I think I would be, but I guess I won’t find out because they don’t have rowing machines and that’s really what I’m looking for.

And for the record the muscle dudes were totally into their own workouts and didn’t give me a second glance. The only person I got side eye from was a woman on her way in. Which…I don’t know, I’m kind of beyond the opinions of mean girls. Muscle dudes are an unknown species to me, but mean girls I understand, and am unconcerned with.

There’s another gym in the other direction, so I might stop in there next week to see whether that one has rowing machines, unless Brooklyn is being battered by a hurricane in which case I’ll hopefully be tucked away in my home. We’re pretty close to the water, but up a rather steep hill (zone 5), so it would have to be quite intense before we would be asked to evacuate. I have prepared with stocks of canned chili, refried beans, water, and Tostitos, so I’d say all the important bases are covered. (Kidding. The actual important bases are also covered.)

Breakfast today was a maple yogurt with an apple, 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

Followed by an iced honey green tea, 3 Points Plus.

Then a Kind bar, 6 Points Plus.

For lunch I made myself popcorn to munch while I worked on the computer. Six cups of popcorn with 4 tsp. olive oil, 10 Points Plus.

Another diet soda after my walk. Yes, I know. 

And for dinner a big Philly cheesesteak salad with ranch dressing and cheese from Subway, 16 Points Plus. I counted it as two portions of cheese because it looked like a lot, but it tasted suspiciously fat free, so I may have overcounted. No big deal. 

I think my appetite is changing because it has felt like I’m eating a ton of food just to get my 40 Points Plus in these days. Maybe because I had gotten used to saving 1/3 of my points for cake a few days in a row!

40/40 for today. Weigh in is tomorrow.

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