Defeat of the Feet (and Knees, and Hips)

I’m disappointed to say that this is me (kind of) signing off with C25k (for now).  I may have been pushing it to try another walk/run today. I had planned to wait another day, but the pain was pretty much gone, so I decided I’d just try it today, but take it a bit easy.  Midway through I started feeling pain in my opposite knee, probably because I was trying to be gentle on the other ankle. By the time I finished I also felt the pain in my hips that I’ve felt the last couple of times, and I can’t tell whether it’s joint or muscle pain.  As much as I’ve been enjoying these workouts, I’m not willing to damage myself in order to continue them.

I may revisit this again after losing 50-100 pounds. For now I want to preserve my joints, and the ability to take the long walks that I enjoy and depend on to take me almost everywhere I go since I live in Brooklyn, where we do a lot more walking than driving.  I’m also thinking about doing this just once a week if I can do so without joint pain.

I will say that it’s frustrating to be able to keep up with this program aerobically but not constitutionally. I never thought I’d progress so quickly aerobically, so this is kind of a bummer.

The new plan is to get back to walking, and maybe throw in some exercise videos or something.  I also want to try to get a WaterRower by winter. Rowing is low impact, works tons of muscles, and burns a lot of calories. It would be a pretty good solution for me during the winter and really all year.

So, onto the food! (Much more pleasant than the exercise, don’t you think?)

I woke up a little late today, and had a brunch of two mini pitas with a lot of hummus, 10 Points Plus.

In the afternoon I had a giant (8 oz.) container of mango yogurt, 8 Points Plus.

  It was my first time trying Noosa yogurt (yoghurt!), and it was fantastic. Super thick and creamy with legit chunks of mango in the bottom.  And its package taught me the word “chinwag” which is apparently a very illustrative Australian term for “conversation”.

I had an early dinner of The Quesadilla Store frozen quesadillas, with some mini sweet peppers, 16 Points Plus

 It was my first time eating these and I found the flavors very nice.  One was corn with machago cheese, and one was wild mushrooms & cheese.  They were extremely filling. One would probably have been enough if I were tight on points, but two made a very nice meal.

I had points to use in the evening, so I had a Kind bar, 6 Points Plus, bringing the day to 40/40. I might still have an apple later if I get hungry. Bonne nuit!  

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