The Day I Broke Up With an Old Comfort Food / C25k Day 4

Today’s breakfast was a turkey B.L.T. from the deli, 12 Points Plus.   With a side of important info: Lunch was a can of Annie’s cheesy ravioli with one cookie. O-n-e, one, 11 Points Plus. Just kidding, I had a second one. 2 Points Plus   I’ve been worrying about how I’m going to fit C25k in […]

C25k Week One, Day 3

Hi, guys! A quick Luna bar breakfast, 5 Points Plus, then it was time for some exercise. C25k day 3 went incredibly well. The chimes indicating that I should switch from jogging back to running seemed to come very quickly. I think I’ll actually be ready to start week 2 on Tuesday. I felt so […]

It fit!

I was extra hungry at breakfast. Two mini pitas with tons of hummus, 12 Points Plus.    I’ve had some Honest teas in the house staring me down since before I started Weight Watchers.  I’ve been avoiding them because they’re sweetened with sugar but today I found out that a raspberry one is only 3 […]

Behaving Myself

So, after my slight gain at weigh in I decided to be a little more reasonable with the food today. I know, I know, it’s a crazy concept, but bear with me. Breakfast was a turkey blt, 12 Points Plus.    After that I did week one, day 2 of C25k.  I’d call it a […]

Weekly Weigh In #11

Well, it’s good news and bad new this week. The bad news is I had a .6 pound gain. That actually took me by surprise because I saw a much smaller number just yesterday, so I’m pretty sure body cycles are involved. The good news is that I lost an inch off of my waist […]

I’m So Fat That I Can Eat Like This and Still Lose Weight…So Yay?

I was not feeling well today and I was super hungry. Long story short, I had the points and I used them. Breakfast: mini pita with hummus and peaches canned in juice, drained, 5 Points Plus    Midmorning: Kind bar w/ vanilla yogurt, 10 Points Plus    For lunch I had some homemade white turkey […]

C25k Day One…and I Enjoyed It?

Something huge and strange happened today. I did Couch to 5k day one, and I actually enjoyed it. This is the third time I’ve attempted C25k in years gone by and the other times were a huge struggle, I hated that voice that told me to start running, and my ankles and calves were swollen to […]


I had a big non scale victory today. I sat on the hard floor and played jacks with my daughter. It has been so long since I’ve been able to sit on the floor comfortably, or even without my feet falling asleep. Today, the way I was sitting wasn’t on my mind; I was just […]

The Best Funnel Cake on Earth was 44 Points Plus

I will say two things about eating a funnel cake while on Weight Watchers: 1. If you think you get enough exercise walking around an amusement park all day to cover a funnel cake, you are most likely kidding yourself. 2. The three days you will actually have to spend exercising to cover it are […]

Operation Earn My Funnel Cake Is a Success

Well, I actually did it! After two days of hard work and careful eating, I have earned enough activity points to cover the funnel cake and rice and kebab platter I want to have at the amusement park tomorrow.  Then I did a lot of lazing about on the couch, in order to hopefully be fully recovered […]