No Cake

Well, I didn’t exercise today as I was trying to give my ankle a break. The good news is that it’s feeling better and I hope that after a day or two I’ll be back in the game.

Breakfast today was a mini pita with extra hummus and an orange, 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

And a mid morning snack, a Kind bar, 6 Points Plus

Lunch was boxed palak paneer with two mini pitas, 13 Points Plus.

Afternoon snack, half a mini pita with hummus, 3 Points Plus.

And a fat free yogurt, 3 Points Plus.

Still snacky! Peaches canned in juice, drained, zero Points Plus.

And for dinner, roasted kale sprouts with frozen pierogis, 11 Points Plus 

Wow, I can eat a lot more food when I don’t eat cake! :-p

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