Ankle Pain

Today was on target in terms of food, but some complications came up with the exercising.

I had an early breakfast today of maple yogurt and a Kind bar, 11 Points Plus 

In the early afternoon I did my 30-day arm, butt, and thigh challenges. I was glad to have only six more days left, because these have seemed difficult lately.

I took a little rest then did week 3, day 2 of C25k.  Afterward my ankle was pretty sore, and later in the day it was hurting to walkbon it.  I think I’ll have to lay off for a couple of days. I probably  shouldn’t have pushed it by doing two days in a row, and I’m going to wait until I feel zero pain before I continue.  I’ve had fleeting moments of hoping I wasn’t just being crazy to try running at my size, but I realize it’s premature to start thinking like that. 

Anyway, even if it sounds like it, I’m not feeling   defeated. There are plenty of options and if I have to change my routine it’s no big deal.  But I hope a few days’ rest will be enough because I’ve really been enjoying C25k.

In the early evening I had the last slice of cake, 14 Points Plus.

Dinner was fish with rice and salad, 15 Points Plus.
That brought the day’s food total to 40/40 Points Plus. Right on target! But let’s see about not using such a large proportion on sweets for awhile!

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