Proceeding with the Process

It was the last day of my family’s four day weekend and I had plans for some naughty food later in the day, so I started my morning with a breakfast of apples, for zero Weight Watchers Points Plus.


We were having a lazy tv day, so at lunch time we had some lazy tv food, crescent dogs with mustard and ketchup and 1 Point Plus worth of baked potato chips. I had the amount shown plus 2 extra crescent dogs for 19 Points Plus.

   These were just made with normal kosher cocktail franks. I guess they’d be less points if they were made with reduced fat hot dogs?

An afternoon snack: half a slice of cake, 7 Points Plus.


A Vitaminwater Zero, zero Points Plus.


In the afternoon I did C25k week 3, day 1.   It was quite a step up from the week 2 routine but I made it through and it felt like a big accomplishment. At the beginning of each week I think that three workouts will never be enough to get me to the next level, but so far they have, so I’m not even going to say it this time.  Will I be able to jog 30 minutes straight, albeit at my very slow pace, after just six more weeks? To be determined, but for the first time it actually seems possible.  I do know that even though I struggle through the workouts I feel incredible afterward, and as crazy as it may sound I look visibly smaller the morning after I complete each workout.  I’m enjoying the feeling of speed (although it isn’t actually fast!) for the first time since I was a child. The progress is startling, and I’m looking forward to the rest of this journey.
In the late afternoon I had some peaches canned in juice, drained, for zero Points Plus.

And for dinner, some boxed palak paneer with rice, 15 Points Plus.


When I cleaned up dinner I snuck about 1/4 cup of extra rice, 1 Point Plus.

In the evening I did my 30 day arm, butt, and thigh challenges after skipping them yesterday.  I have one week left to finish this challenge. I will say that it has been very effective, but also very difficult. After I finish the challenge I may go down to doing these routines twice a week or so.

Afterward I had a snack of pears canned in juice, drained, zero Points Plus.

That brought my total for the day to 42/40 points, the extra covered with weekly points. Only 2 weekly points remaining!

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