Back on Track 

My primary dietary goal from 6 AM to 6 PM today was to make sure I had enough Weight Watchers Points Plus left over to have Taco Bell and cake this evening. So committed was I to this noble endeavor that I willingly consumed fat free dairy this morning. 

Breakfast: fat free cherry greek yogurt and pears canned in juice, drained, 3 Points Plus.


Then in the late morning a Starbucks grande skinny iced caramel latte, 2 Points Plus.

We were at the zoo during the day but we don’t like to buy zoo food ($/cardboard flavored/not worth the points) so we took Kind bars. Mine was 6 Points Plus.

Mission accomplished! Taco Bell shredded chicken smothered burrito without sour cream, 16 Points Plus.


And for dessert, caaaaake, 14 Points Plus. And I must say that I have zero problems with allocating more than 1/3 of my daily points to cake, none at all.

That brought the day’s total to 41/40 Points Plus, the extra covered with a weekly point, and I am one satisfied lady.

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