The day I Did Not Say No

After my relieving weigh in today (2.6 pounds lost) I was assigned a new daily Weight Watchers Points Plus allowance. The new number is 40, with 49 additional points to divide over the course of a week.  I’m really lucky that my week reset today because yesterday was a big point day, and today was destined to be as well. 

It’s our holiday weekend and I decided that today I was not going to say no to myself.  That’s right, I took a free day today. But I did my best to count everything and I plan to make up for it all week.  

We have a zoo trip planned for tomorrow and it will be easy to control myself as I’ll be out of the house without such easy access to food. That should be a good transition day for getting back on track. But today, I enjoyed myself.

It may seem like a joke given the food I ate today, but I did do C25k week 2, day 3 today.  It wasn’t too hard this time.  I may be ready to move on to week 3 on Monday, but I’ll have to see how I’m feeling that day.

I had some leftovers for brunch, 12 Points Plus.


Some peaches & pears canned in juice, drained soon after, zero Points Plus.


In the afternoon,  cookies for 10 Points Plus. 


And for lunch, some boxed Palak paneer, 10 Points Plus. No rice or bread. Aren’t I well-behaved?

Then I did my 30 day arm, butt, and thigh challenges. I guess it’s easier to say yes to exercise than no to food.

For dinner we went to an Uzbek restaurant. It was my first experience with Uzbek food and it was phenomenal. We ate family style and just kept adding food to our plates as more dishes appeared.  I estimated as well as I could and tried to keep a running tally.  My best estimate for the whole dinner was 38 Points Plus. I did try to err on the side of overestimating.  I didn’t want to keep taking pictures, but as compensation here’s a montage of people cooking tens of Uzbek foods. 

Then we went home for cake and tea, and I did have a piece for 14 Points Plus.


That brought the day’s total to 84/40, leaving just 5 weekly points for the rest of the week which is just fine.  I enjoyed my day of revelry, and am ready to get back on track.  This is one of the best things about Weight Watchers in my opinion. I can enjoy an occasional day like this without even going off plan, I just have to behave myself the rest of the week.  So here goes!

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