Just the Foods, Ma’am

Today’s breakfast was a turkey BLT with a raspberry tea, 15 Weight Watchers Points Plus.


2 caramels for a mid morning snack, 4 Points Plus.

 And for lunch, 3 inches of leftover tuna sub, plus an apple, 6 Points Plus.


Pardon my unphotogenic kitchen lighting

In the afternoon I did my arm, butt, and thigh challenges and got in a long walk while I did some errands and shopping.

Then…oops…six cookies in the afternoon, 10 Points Plus.


And for dinner, a shredded chicken burrito, no sour cream from Taco Bell, 16 Points Plus.


That’s 52/41 points for the day, covered with weekly points.  Could be better, but not really a problem. I’m cool with this.

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